lundi 11 août 2008

Ustadh Lamana

His name is Muhammad Lamin bin Ad-Dah
He was born in 1966 in the region of Irkiz and is a direct descandant of the Prophet peace be upon him. He studied the Quran and memorised it aged 11 at the hand of Mafouz bin al-Haaj al-Hasan and later on took ijaza in Imam Nafi'i recitations (Warsh and Qalun) at the hand of Shaykh Bah (1989)
He studied the normal mahdhara curriculum in all subjects and has started teaching in Nabbaghiya during the mid nineties.

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al-Mu'jab a dit…

Salam Alaikum,

Just curious... I have noticed that almost all these Teachers are not covering their heads with a kufi, turban, etc.
Why is this so? Is there a special ruling in the Maliki Madhhab? Because from what I have been taught it is a Sunnah to cover the head.

Jazak Allah Khair

Abdelmalik a dit…

Mauritanian people usually cover their head with turbans

Anonyme a dit…

Asalamu Aklaykum brother,

I am interested in coming, can you please give me a contact number

Esteban a dit…
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