jeudi 13 mars 2008

Presentation of the village of Nabbaghiya

Nabbaghiya is a village located less than 100 km east of Nouakshot, about 30 km from the main road.

Its main attraction is the "mahdhara", or Islamic school, which attracts people from around the world to pursue knowledge.

The village is very small, with perhaps 3500 inhabitants. Running water is widely available and clean.
Electricity is not yet available excpet through solar energy. A basic solar energy system could cost around 150 US dollars, to buy in Nouakshott.

The village has 4 mosques: the central mosque, above, where the Friday prayer is held; the mosque where shaykh Bah prays, below.

And below is the mosque of the mahdhara, the school. Students come from various locations, such as Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, France, Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea, Bahrain, with a majority of Mauritanian students.

Accomodations are usually in the mahdhara (see below), in shared rooms of 8 to 10 students. A new bloc is currently being built. The school is just on one end of the village. It is made of the mosque, where most of the teachers give their one on one tuitions.

There are between 2 to 300 students in Nabbaghiyya.