vendredi 6 juin 2008

Ustadh Mishri

Ustadh Mishri, far left, attends a class of Ustadh Muhammad Butar

Full Name:

Al-Mishri Ahmed ibn al-haawi

Date and Place of birth:

1975, Nabbaghiya

His studies:

Ustadh Mishri finished memorising Quran in Nabbaghiya at the age of 9. Studied under the supervision of Shaykh Bah various subjects. Among the books he read in Maliki jurisprudence: Ibnu ‘Ashor, The Kafaf of Muhammad Mawlud, The Mukhtasar of Shaykh Khalil, The Rissalah of Ibn Abi Zaid; in Nahuw: The Ajrumiya, The Alfiya of Ibn Malik; in Morphology: Lamiyat ul-Af’al of Ibn Malik; in Seerah: Quraat ul-Absar, Al-Ghazawat, The Shamail; in Arabic linguistics (lughah): Al-Shuarah al-Ashra al-Jahiliyn.

His teachings:

Ustadh Mishri is one of the youngest teachers in Nabbaghiya. He started teaching in 1987 and is essentially focusing on Maliki jurisprudence.

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